Event Design Services

“This outstanding success wouldn’t have been achieved without your creativity and flexibility. We will definitely work with you in the near future”.

Marketing and Sales Director, Dassault Falcon

At Encore, we believe the creative idea is what makes every event unique. A creative idea that truly aligns with your business objectives creates a powerful brand experience. This philosophy is what drives us.

When we begin the creative process for any event, we consider how the creative concept and design of the event experience will most effectively bring your brand to life and deliver your message. We ensure the creative concept, visuals and ideas align with your business objectives, strategy and brand DNA to create a seamless brand experience for your event attendees.

Through innovative solutions, we integrate the creative concept across every aspect of the event including sound, lighting, stage sets, room scenery, performances and multimedia content. Our team of dedicated event professionals, technicians and creative directors work together to ensure all aspects of the event work harmoniously to transform your event into an immersive experience.

Encore recognises the value of being able to visualise an event when in the planning phases. With that in mind, Encore utilises CAD (computer-aided design) software to enable our staff to create an illustration of the event for the meeting planner to visualise their event at the venue.

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