Event Design Services

“….you and your crew were phenomenal, …..we look forward to working with you again in China and Hong Kong….”

Michelle Guevarra, Meeting Planner, Alliances Management

At Encore, we believe design and creativity is what makes every event unique. Our goal is to deliver a creative concept that truly aligns with your business and event objective.

Through innovative solutions, we integrate the creative concept across every aspect including sound, lighting, stage sets, room scenery, performances and multimedia content. Our team of dedicated event professionals, technicians and creative directors work together to ensure all aspects of the event work harmoniously to transform your event into an immersive experience.

Encore recognises the value of being able to visualise an event during the planning phases. With that in mind, Encore utilises software to enable our staff to create 2D and 3D illustrations of the event so you can visualise exactly how it will look.

Encore has recently launched a new event design product, Scenic Panels. These are available in a number of designs to suit the look of any event. From stage backdrops, set styling, entrance features and room dividers, they are a simple and cost effective way to transform the ordinary into the ornate.

Whether using a large number of panels for panoramic elements and backdrops, or smaller numbers for entrance features, room dividers or exhibition stands, these hanging panels deliver a beautiful visual effect.

When used with theatrical and accent lighting, the patterns come alive and add a distinctive textural effect.

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