Our People

Our people are our greatest asset

Encore Asia is built on the talent, professionalism, hard work and passion of more than 100 specialised events personnel. We are a diverse and experienced community of event managers, technicians, lighting designers and production crew who all play a vital role in the growth, success and evolution of our business. Our team members are mainly bilingual and have all a strong experience in handling complex briefs from clients.

Chuck Jones

Chief Operations Officer

Tony Chamberlain

Managing Director

Justin Stewart

General Manager - China

Andrew Thorne

General Manager - Asia

Xiaoyan Tong

Venue Services Director - Beijing

Ace Tee

Event Staging Manager - Beijing

Gavin Llewellyn

Event Staging Manager - Shanghai

Hamish Slengard

Country Manager, Singapore

Lyn Kim

Event Staging Manager - Incheon, Sth Korea

Nicha Komsun

Event Staging Manager - Bangkok

Paritkorn Lektawasin

Event Staging Manager - Bangkok, Thailand

Regina Kim

Event Staging Manager - Seoul, Sth Korea


Encore Asia - Beijing

Room 103, Tower C
Building 36 Universal Business Park
10 Jiu Xian Qiao Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing, China 100015 
+86 (10) 5975 6968

Encore Asia - Shanghai

Room 101, BLDG. 10, NO. 161    
Lane 465 Zhenning Road, Changning Dist.
Shanghai, China 200050    
+86 (21) 5120 8228