Virtual Event Solutions & Engagement Technologies

“…thank you and your help and support for our 50th anniversary events in Beijing and Shanghai. Without your team's hard word, our event wouldn’t be so successful…”

Rebecca LI Manager, Public Relations, China Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Virtual and Hybrid Event Solutions

Find the right solution for extending your event from onsite to online

It's now more critical than ever for event planners to integrate a digital solution in their events. Have you taken advantage of Encore’s in-house digital team yet? Specialising in virtual and hybrid event solutions such as live streaming, audience polling, video conferencing, webcasting, event apps and more, our virtual event solutions provide event planners with considerable benefits to help achieve ROI on their events.

Whilst online events will never replace face-to-face, we need to adapt to new ways of moving forward during this time. Our role as your trusted event partner is to help you understand the options available to you and help you navigate to find the right solution for your event needs.

Explore our range of virtual event solutions to discover ways you can enhance your event experience today.

Encore Connect

Turn your meetings into productive online huddle spaces with reliable video conferencing

Video conferencing is the technology that allows you to hold online meetings with several participants who are located in different places while seeing and talking to them in real-time. It is different from simple video calling, which is normally one-to-one video communication. It can also be used for remote presenters at events to present to the audience from another location.

Chime Live

Net-Gen meeting platform with live video streaming and unrivalled interactivity.

Chime Live combines high quality video streaming with the award-winning Chime attendee platform to offer unrivalled engagement for virtual events. The multi-feature app includes everything from live and recorded video, concurrent sessions in different tracks and breakouts, speaker bios, virtual stage management, networking and chat between attendees, audience polling, live Q&A and so much more.

Managed Webinar

Upgraded professional webinar platform that's easy to use with added capabilities.

Deliver a polished, high-definition webinar at the push of a button. Our new Managed Webinar solution let’s you present to any number of attendees with more features and capabilities to enhance the experience.


Sophisticated webcasting platform offering a large range of features and capabilities for a customised branded experience.

Take your event online with our most sophisticated Webcasting solution so your event can be everywhere at once. Webcasting lets you deliver your live or pre-recorded message on a highly customisable and powerful platform to stream live or on-demand to an unlimited audience. This means your virtual event will look as unique as your brand. When you use our webcasting services you unlock access to a complete virtual environment for your event with custom branding, registration, password protection and a waiting lobby. Encore's expert technical team will provide dedicated support and guidance including a virtual produced and stage management to ensure a seamless and polished delivery.

Content1 Virtual

Content1 Virtual is a hosted content repository making it easy and convenient to manage an event wth a large number of sessions or a library of content.

Content1 Virtual delivers a vibrant web presence to virtual attendees, provides speakers with a platform to share their content, and offers presenters the ability to record audio tracks for both presentations and posters that help bring their content to life. The Content1 platform makes it easy to organise and deliver your event’s content whether it is live or on-demand.

Audience Engagement Technologies

Encore understands the importance technology plays in enhancing the event experience, particularly when it comes to audience engagement and social media integration.

To maximise engagement, Encore offers a range of event engagement technologies to cater to your event needs. Below is an overview of our engagement solutions:

Mobile Event Apps

We offer our clients a free event app when you use our event services. Cumulus gives you and your attendees the convenience of easy access to all event information from their mobile phone.

Designed with the busy event planner in mind, Cumulus allows you to quickly upload and communicate everything from agendas and downloads, to sponsorship information and much more.

All content is uploaded and managed by the event planner, allowing greater control over what documents are accessible with the added convenience of uploading and updating when you need to.

Live Audience Polling

Find out what your audience is really thinking with Event Poll. This engagement technology enables you to ask questions and receive responses during the live event. With a multitude of question formats and styles, Event Poll is a great alternative to:

  • Question & Answer sessions
  • Ideation
  • Voting
  • Quizzes / Trivia
  • Surveys
  • Discussion Sessions
  • And more!

It’s easy to use, fun and highly effective and all your attendees need is a phone to participate.

Social Media Integration

Encore's comprehensive social media platform, Event Feed, is perfect for corporate and gala events and helps event planners maximise the benefits of social media engagement. Event Feed allows you to capture your audience’s social media posts and display them on event screen for all to see. Guests are able to capture and share their favourite event moments, keynote insights or award presentations via their social channels, these are posted on the screen at the event as well as shared with a world-wide audience via your dedicated hashtag.

Please note, not all social media platforms are available in all countries in Asia, so Event Feed may not function at full capability in some regions.


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