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Encore’s production teams use imagination, skill, the latest technologies and a passion for excellence. Whether you’re planning an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, we deliver solutions that leave lasting impressions, build relationships and bring events to life in a way that no one has experienced before.


Create the perfect foundation for your event with expertly designed and safe staging solutions.

As one of Asia’s leading event staging companies, you can count on Encore’s experience, creativity and skills to provide the best staging solutions for your event.  Encore understands what it takes to design spectacular stage-sets that are technically and structurally sound. We won’t miss a trick when it comes to the safety and construction of your stage, no matter how elaborate or extravagant the design may be.

With your brief in mind, we can customise any stage to suit your requirements and venue space. Whether you need staging for a conference, awards night, product launch or even staging over a pool, we have the technical expertise and experience to design and build the perfect stage, anywhere. 

Production Management

Encore provided dedicated production management for in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

At Encore we specialise in providing technical event production management to ensure every aspect of your event is delivered seamlessly, whether it is in-person, virtual or a hybrid event.

Our experienced production services include:

  • Production management of all aspects of the event, from brief to execution.
  • Collaborating with event producers, stylists and other event partners.
  • Event management including production of the event run sheet and stage management.
  • Liaising with suppliers, the venue and logistics management.
  • Design, supply, management and operation of all technical elements including audio visual, lighting, staging and rigging.
  • Styling, theming, design and multimedia services to enhance your event.
  • Ensuring all safety requirements are adhered to.

With our extensive experience comes knowledge that any event, large or small, requires a tailored approach. We bring this attitude to every event type from gala dinners and awards nights, to conferences, business meetings and presentations. The unique requirements of each event are carefully considered throughout planning, production and execution.


Encore offers an extensive range of safe rigging solutions.

Encore offers an extensive range of professional rigging solutions for corporate and private events, installed by experienced event professionals.

A strong focus on safety and compliance is required when rigging elements above an audience. The task of rigging is considered high-risk-work and must only be undertaken by competent professional who hold the relevant licence. Our venue and sales teams will ensure qualified technicians provide rigging services that suit your event and budget. 

Virtual Studio

Deliver a professional event online with our virtual studio solution.

With growing demand for virtual and hybrid events, Encore extends our leading production solutions to include virtual studios. When you need to deliver a professional event online, our teams can design the perfect setting for your presentation at one of our premium venue partner venues throughout Asia.

Our teams are experienced in designing virtual studios for all kinds of events with one or multiple presenters. This means not only will your virtual event look professional, you’ll also get access to our technical teams for dedicated production support from brief to execution. Encore also offers a range of virtual event solutions to take your event online. Our one-stop-shop service for virtual events makes us the preferred production provider throughout Asia.

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Multimedia Production

Enhancing your event with engaging multimedia, designed and produced by our in-house production team.

Encore are experts in finding the most compelling way to deliver your message using engaging multimedia. By incorporating a range of multimedia, your message can be amplified through the latest technology. It could be through a highly engaging hype reel, mind-bending projection mapping installation, or inject life into your screens and stage with beautiful multimedia displays, tailored specifically to your event.

  • Themed Photoloops
  • Presentation Designs
  • Animated or Static Holding Slides
  • Opening and Closing Videos
  • Sponsor Loops
  • Highlight Reels
  • Award Categories and Winner Reveals
  • Custom Theming Projections

Video Production

Let your event live beyond show day with video recording and production solutions.

From filming your event to create the perfect piece of memorabilia, to compelling multimedia and motion loops to be displayed across your stage, Encore can produce video content to meet your event’s specific requirements. 

We can record your event and produce a video for your later use, whether you’re creating a highlight reel, promotional material, or simply want a reminder of the special day. Our video production team will create a seamless digital reminder by capturing every special moment, every powerful speech, and every second of laughter through experienced video production. Make the most of your event by taking advantage of our talented in-house multimedia and motion graphics team.


Content Management

Specialist support in managing presentations for corporate events.

With years of experience delivering corporate events, you can count on our specialist teams to provide expert content management for your speaker presentations. Our technical production team will ensure version control is managed and that every presentation is formatted correctly and consistently. As part of our service we test your content and presentations to ensure every piece of multimedia displays correctly and can help troubleshoot before show day. As your trusted event production partner, it’s our aim to ensure your event production experience is seamless from day one.

Partner with a leading global team

From the stage design, down to the colour and graphics on screen, everything your senses can perceive has been thoughtfully designed to suit your event’s theme. With a global team of creative event professionals, you can have the confidence your event will look spectacular. As the chosen in-house event services provider to over 2,300 premium hotels, venues and resorts around the world, no matter where you are, we are there too, turning your vision into a reality.

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