MeetSAFE Guidelines for the design and delivery of safe events

Encore has developed MeetSAFE, a set of guidelines to ensure our teams deliver events safely in the changing landscape for in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings and events.


Guidelines to ensure the safe execution of events

The guidelines were developed with four key areas of event design and delivery in mind: room layout, traffic flow, technology considerations and cleaning guidelines.

With input from our venue partners, event planners and leading industry associations, the guidelines include a series of meeting formats, technology solutions and other recommendations that outline paths around how the event industry could re-open during the early phases of COVID-19 recovery. These phases of recovery for our industry require smaller meeting sizes and distancing as required by evolving government guidelines. With fewer people meeting and a cleaning routine in place, the risk to attendees will be reduced. Encore will be working with our clients and venue partners to implement the guidelines to safely and responsibly host events.

Achieving your event’s goals with MeetSAFE

Whether you’re organising an in-person, virtual or hybrid event, our MeetSAFE guidelines can ensure the design and delivery is upholding social distancing best-practices whilst still achieving your event’s goals. Designed to inspire trust and confidence with our clients and partners, the guidelines are focused on redesigning events to successfully deliver on the strategic goals of the meeting while defining new systems to minimise risk and promote health. Delivering events safely is our first priority as in-person meetings return to make attendees feel safe in any setting.

When you’re ready to meet again, we’re ready to MeetSAFE

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