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During the creative process, our global team of event experts are with you every step of the way. Our collaborative approach to event production allows us to gain a clear understanding of the unique needs of your event and its attendees, and develop the right creative with purpose.

Creative Event Theming Styling

Styling and Theming

Event theming and styling is the heart of every event. It’s the vision that technical, digital and design create. 

Let Encore breathe life into your event and craft an unforgettable environment for your guests using a large range of specialised event styling and theming services.  Encore style the whole event experience from the moment guests arrive until the curtains close, you can enjoy a beautifully executed experienced, thoughtfully tailored to your unique requirements. Whether your event is a product launch, conference, gala dinner or wedding, Encore’s event designers will make it unforgettable.

Stage Set Design and Styling

Encore creates transformative experiences by designing a stage that is more than a platform, it’s a feature in itself.

Encore’s technical teams, graphic designers, stylists and set designers work with you across concept, design and delivery. Unrestricted by imagination, Encore’s creative in-house designers will transform any stage into something visually spectacular, by enhancing it with a range of set design solutions including curved backdrops, Scenic Panels, 3D projection mapping, motion graphics, digital banners, customised content and more.

Stage Set Design and Styling

Scenic Panels

Turn any surface or event space into an intricate design feature with Scenic Panels.

Our range of 2D and 3D Scenic Panels are a simple and cost effective way to transform the event experience, from ordinary to ornate. These unique panels deliver stunning lighting effects using decorative, interlocking panels in a range of beautiful designs.

Whether using a large number of panels for panoramic elements and backdrops, or smaller numbers for entrance features, room dividers or exhibition stands, these interlocking panels deliver a beautiful visual effect.

Digital Styling & Multimedia Design

Bring any surface to life with stunning digital visuals, created to enhance your event’s theme. 

Create a dynamic event experience with powerful digital styling and let your screen content and projections set the scene. Digital styling is vital as it brings a stage to life, telling a story through powerful visual imagery, with the power to transform even an ordinary corporate event into a dramatic experience.

Careful thought goes into how your onscreen content looks; from the imagery, graphics, colour palette, and layout, down to the shapes, lines and font.  Below are some common forms of content our style and design team create:

  • Themed Photoloops
  • Presentation Designs
  • Animated or Static Holding Slides
  • Opening and Closing Videos
  • Sponsor Loops
  • Highlight Reels
  • Award Categories and Winner Reveals
  • Custom Themed Projections
3D Event Render Services

Render to reality

Enjoy life-like 2D and 3D renders of your event.

Our team are skilled in the creation of life like renders that enable you to visualise exactly what your event will look like. Renders are predominantly used to pre-visualise larger and more complex events with special concepts. These of course can be any type of event. From conferences to boardroom meetings, award nights and even large scale tradeshows – Encore’s in-house design team have developed the expertise for creating realistic event renders. 

As specialists in event design, we have the skills to produce all kinds of pre-visualisation content best suited to your event’s complexities and requirements. 

  • Floor plans & CAD drawings
  • 2D & 3D image renders
  • 3D video ‘fly-throughs’
  • 360 degree virtual tours 

Our 3D fly-through videos give viewers the perspective as if they’re ‘flying’ through the space. It’s incredible to see the level of detail captured in the renders and allows the event planners to navigate around the room and explore the event design from every angle.

Backdrops & Signage

Every event needs a backdrop.

Thoughtfully designed stage backdrops and signage are effective ways of delivering your event’s message, enhancing the theme and building brand recognition. Whether it is making an announcement, promoting a product, celebrating or educating, Encore’s team of in-house designers are experts in designing the perfect backdrop and signage solution for all kinds of events and across all display formats both printed and digital.

  • Branded Backdrops
  • Media Walls
  • Digital Signage
  • Pull-Up Banners
  • Bridal Table Backdrops for Weddings
  • Presentations and Multimedia Content
Event Production Team Asia

Partner with a leading global team

From the stage design, down to the colour and graphics on screen, everything your senses can perceive has been thoughtfully designed to suit your event’s theme. With a global team of creative event professionals, you can have the confidence your event will look spectacular. As the chosen in-house event services provider to over 2,300 premium hotels, venues and resorts around the world, no matter where you are, we are there too, turning your vision into a reality.

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