Ready. Set. Impact.

Events have power. The power to connect and inspire.

When people come together, ideas take root. Relationships are built. Real change happens.

With imagination and skill, the latest technology, and a passion for excellence, we create innovative event solutions.

Our global team of creators, innovators and experts, we transform events into immersive, collaborative experiences that deliver real results.

Encore. Events that Transform.

Our Story

What We Do

We’ve been creating memorable event experiences that connect and inspire, and engage and transform organisations for decades. With a customer-first mindset and a hospitality focus, we have an unmatched breadth and depth of event production services to support our customers through every step in the event planning and management process.

In partnership with event planners, hotels, venues, agencies and staging customers, we create and execute thousands of events annually – in person, virtual and hybrid – of any size, at any venue, anywhere in the world. Our core values are embedded in our DNA, and our team members are innovators and collaborators at heart – highly trained experts that intuitively combine creative, production and technology services to deliver unparalleled service excellence for you.

About Us

We have aligned our portfolio of companies under a new master brand and assumed the name Encore. With a global footprint reaching more than 20 countries, we have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, extending the solutions we provide customers to create in-person, virtual and hybrid event experiences.


Global Reach. Local Insight

Our global and local network of industry experts allow us to offer something no one else can. You get the expertise of a partner that understands local nuances with the vast resources of a global leader to deliver the same level of service excellence, time after time, — no matter where your event takes you.

Whether it be a hotel, convention center, stadium, museum, or other event space, we have global reach to deliver a consistent experience and measurable results.


A World of Resources

    • Thousands of industry leading experts
    • 2,100+ In-house venue locations in 23 countries
    • Global network of regional warehouses
    • Global production capabilities
    • 1.7 Million in-person, virtual and hybrid events produced annually
    • #1 Provider to hotel chains
    • Award-winning event technology solutions

Consistency Means

    • A unified experience for you and your attendees in any venue or location.
    • A partner that has knowledge and understanding of your event goals.
    • Saving time on on-boarding new team members for every event.
    • A clear understanding of your brand and message.

Purpose, Mission, Values


The Encore brand is built on the foundation of our purpose, mission and values. We represent these ideals in the way we serve our customers and team members globally.


Our Purpose

To connect and inspire people.

Our Mission

To be an invaluable partner on our customers’ journeys

Our Values

To deliver world class service, see the big picture, value people, drive results and do the right thing.

We are Different



Through relentless research and thought leadership our designated teams set the industry standards in innovation.


Listening closely to our customers is key to developing a highly personalized approach to each event partnership.


With a rich heritage of end-to-end solutions and in-house capabilities, our passionate teams are highly skilled at delivering measurable results.


No matter where you are in the world, our commitment to customer service and operational excellence is unparalleled.

1.7 Million









Our leadership team of seasoned hospitality-focused experts define industry standards around the world.

Ben Erwin

Ben Erwin

Ben Erwin was named CEO of Encore in August 2020. This leadership role follows him becoming President in October 2018. He is responsible for dri... Learn More
Becky Sheehan

Becky Sheehan

Becky Sheehan joined Encore as Chief Financial Officer in January 2020. Sheehan is responsible for all global financial aspects of Encore. She oversee... Learn More
Cathy Schlosberg

Cathy Schlosberg

Cathy Schlosberg was named SVP, Marketing, of Encore in June 2019. She is responsible for global marketing, brand, customer experience, insights, c... Learn More
Charlie Young

Charlie Young

Charlie Young joined Encore in June 2016 as its Chief Human Resources Officer. He is responsible for all areas of Human Resources, includin... Learn More
Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins is a global business leader and branding legend. She has taken on massive projects for some of the world’s most innovative businesses t... Learn More
Whit Markowitz

Whit Markowitz

Whit Markowitz joined PSAV in July 2000 as its Chief Legal Officer. He is responsible for the legal, compliance and risk management departments. His a... Learn More
Dustin Worley

Dustin Worley

With more than 16 years of experience across consulting, investment banking, private equity investing and operational leadership, Dustin Worley serves... Learn More
Mike Stengel

Mike Stengel

Mike Stengel was named Encore’s Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts and Venue Relations in September 2020. He leads Encore’s focus on develo... Learn More
Scott Nodsle

Scott Nodsle

As Managing Director of Encore Event Technologies in the Asia Pacific region, I am responsible for supporting our team, partners and customers with a ... Learn More
Malcolm Craig

Malcolm Craig

My role as Chief Financial Officer for Encore Event Technologies sees me responsible for the financial management of the organisation, providing infor... Learn More

Amway China’s New Zealand odyssey for 10,000 of its top performers a huge event success

December 19, 2023
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A thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience in New Zealand for 10,000 visitors from China has set a new industry benchmark in event delivery. The massive delegation was flown to New Zealand in 12 waves over two months from 9 October to 5 December for the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar, produced by Encore Event Technologies APAC. Attendees … Read More

Encore wins Grand Hyatt Incheon continuing their expansion of the in-house event production model in Asia

Encore wins Grand Hyatt Incheon continuing their expansion of the in-house event production model in Asia 

August 1, 2023
News Release

Encore has been awarded another new partnership with the world-class Grand Hyatt Incheon hotel in South Korea. The hotel is the largest Hyatt hotel outside North America with 1,024 guestrooms, making it an ideal venue for large-scale meetings and events. It is in a prime location for local and international conferences, located only three minutes … Read More

Scott Nodsle - Managing Director, Encore APAC

Encore Announces APAC Leadership Transition

April 1, 2022
News Release

Encore, a global leader in event technology and production services, today announced Scott Nodsle has been named Managing Director, APAC. In this role, Nodsle will be responsible for driving the strategic direction of the region. Additionally, he will be responsible for delivering world-class service and driving industry-leading standards to advance Encore’s purpose to connect and inspire its … Read More