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The success of an event is not determined by how it looks, but how well you connect with your attendees. By keeping a keen eye on the latest event audio visual technology trends, we’re able to keep your events at the forefront of transformative experiences using a full portfolio of technical solutions.



Audio Visual Solutions

Craft a compelling story with the highest definition audio visual technologies. 

Encore provides award-winning audio visual solutions for corporate events throughout Asia. As one of Asia’s largest event services provider, we are your one-stop-shop for all your AV needs so you can sit back relax and let our dedicated technical teams do the rest. With the latest technology at our fingertips, combined with our creative minds, we’ll deliver your message in exciting ways you didn’t think possible. After all, it’s not just the story; it’s how you tell it.

We take a tailored approach to your event and combine technical, styling, design and digital event solutions with other production elements, to deliver a seamless experience. From projectors, screens, plasmas and LED, through to the latest in playback, edge blending, high definition technologies and 3D projection mapping – your vision is brought to life by our skilled AV Technicians.

Stage and Event Lighting

Encore specialise in providing innovative and tailored event lighting solutions for any type of event. 

At Encore, we believe smart lighting design is fundamental for every event – from large conferencesstyled gala dinners and interactive exhibitions down to small meetings and everything in between. We have extensive knowledge in using creative lighting design to transform spaces to match your theme, brand or even to go from conference to gala. Our lighting designers are always looking for creative and innovative ways to shine a light on your brand’s message and coupled with the experience and dedication of our production team – your options are limitless. 

Regardless of the size or location of your event, our extensive range of lighting solutions feature something to suit every occasion. Some common lighting services we offer, are:

  • Gobos – both branded and custom designed
  • Stage Washes
  • Theatrical and LED Lighting
  • Wide Projector Blends
  • Festoon Lighting
  • High Powered Profile Lighting
  • Pin Spot Lighting
  • Up-lighting
  • Projection Mapping
  • Outdoor Lighting

Projection Mapping

Turn any object, shape or building into a surface for projection with our mind-bending projection mapping technologies.  

At Encore, we are equipped with the vision technology and expertise to create an immersive experience like no other using the latest in projection mapping.  We use only the best and most trusted technical and AV equipment in order for us to create high-quality and impactful events. This is why we embrace projection mapping and believe it can truly transform any environment. We can map the most elaborate architectural elements of your venue and project any theme, colour, imagery, branding or environment on to it. 

Our diversely skilled team members are here to supply the ultimate projection mapping experience, alongside all of your event requirements, meaning your theme and brief is delivered to a high-quality and imaginative standard. 

Encore Connect - Video Conferencing

Take advantage of Encore’s dedicated video conferencing platform, Encore Connect, to help you host meetings and events conveniently and cost effectively.

By eliminating the need to meet in-person, you can enjoy faster decision making, quicker responses with the ability to fast-track solutions are all achievable through the use of video conferencing. Now, all parties can attend the meeting online from wherever they are exactly as they would have done face-to-face.

Encore Connect can also be used for connecting remote presenters into an in-person event in life-like quality. The high-definition video and audio quality means the audience receive a professional presentation no matter where they are located around the globe. Take advantage of our exclusive rehearsal feature where you or your presenter can enjoy one-on-one support to test the connection, optimise the appearance and sound settings and arm you with confidence your event will run seamlessly via Encore Connect.


Cumulus - Event App

A free event app designed to help you plan your event and keep attendees up-dated.

Cumulus gives you and your attendees the convenience of easy access to all event information at any time, everywhere you go.  The genius of Cumulus is its simplicity. Designed with the busy event planner in mind, Cumulus allows you to swiftly upload and communicate everything from agendas and content downloads, to sponsorship information, speaker bios and much more.

On top of its simplicity is the design flexibility. Cumulus can be designed to mirror your own branding, whilst also deciding which features and integrations you’d like included. Cumulus is designed to work for you, by you. All content is 100% uploaded and managed by the event planner, allowing greater control over what documents are accessible with the added convenience of uploading when you need to.

Event Poll – Audience Polling Software

Online audience polling for events. 

Get inside the minds of your attendees with Event Poll, event technology that lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real time which then get displayed on screen for all to see – it’s easy to use and highly effective.   The best part is you can capture all of their responses to help formulate, research and share ideas with valid data from your event.

Event Poll can be used for all types of events – in-person, virtual or hybrid.  Your attendees can access the poll using any internet enabled device or via SMS. Event Poll lets you moderate the responses to ensure your event stays on track. There are over 10 customisable question templates for you to choose from to make your questions look more interesting and allow different types of responses.


Chime Live – Interactive Event Streaming Platform

An award-winning event platform that lets you deliver an engaging and interactive virtual experience.

Chime Live is the closest thing to a live event. When you need to combine high-quality video streaming with interactive attendee capabilities you need Chime Live.

Chime Live can help overcome the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together for your event. At home, at work or at the venue, Chime Live connects everyone via live stream, enabling you to carry on with keynote presentations, topic streams and breakouts as planned. The multi-feature web-based platform includes everything from live and recorded video, agenda, speaker bios, sponsor recognition, networking and chat between attendees, audience polling, live Q & A and so much more. Deliver a virtual or hybrid event that’s engaging, transformative and insightful whilst supported by Encore’s team of digital experts.

Webcasting / Webinar Platforms for Events

Deliver a professional event online using our sophisticated Webcasting and Webinar services.

Take your event online with our professional Webcasting and Webinar solutions so your event can be everywhere at once. Aside from the obvious benefit of overcoming time and distance factors, professional webcasting / webinars provide many benefits such as selling sponsorship opportunities, integration with engagement solutions like Event Poll and fully hosted environments for the best branded experience online. Webinars are best used to broadcast your event to a large audience with two-way communication capabilities. Whereas a Webcasting is a more sophisticated online event solution that allows a one-way stream of content with additional options. Encore’s technical team will help guide you for which solution is right for your needs.

Our team of experts will walk you through the setup and management of your Webinar or Webcast. When you partner with Encore for your virtual or hybrid event, you can enjoy full production support while you present to ensure that your Webinar or Webcast is a success.

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With Encore, you’ll never walk alone. We’ll be by your side from developing your idea, right down to last minute changes on show day. This mind-set is what helps us achieve our proven track record for producing unforgettable brand experiences and what sets us apart from other AV providers. As the chosen in-house event services provider to over 2,300 premium hotels, venues and resorts around the world, no matter where you are, we are there too, turning your vision into a reality.

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