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It’s now more critical than ever for event planners to integrate a digital solution in their events. Have you taken advantage of Encore’s in-house digital team yet? Specialising in virtual and hybrid event solutions such as live streaming, audience polling, video conferencing, webcasting, event apps and more, our virtual event solutions provide event planners with considerable benefits to help achieve ROI on their events.

Whilst online events will never replace face-to-face, we need to adapt to new ways of moving forward during this time. Our role as your trusted event partner is to help you understand the options available to you and help you navigate to find the right solution for your event needs.

Explore our range of virtual event solutions to discover ways you can enhance your event experience today.

Introducing Hybrid+

The future is hybrid and we’re setting the gold standard.

Encore are redefining the hybrid standard with complete end-to-end hybrid event solutions and an industry-first sales certification program.

Hybrid & Virtual Event Solutions

Chime Go

A simplified platform designed to elevate in-person, hybrid and virtual meetings and events.

Chime Go is a simplified, streamlined version of our award-winning Chime Live platform designed with the flexibility to enhance in-person, virtual and hybrid events. It’s perfect for event planners who want a digital solution that provides a higher level of professionalism, beyond everyday video calls and streaming meetings. This lightweight but heavy hitting event microsite with agenda, video streaming, and interactivity will help you get up and running quickly.

Man using Chime Go Event Platform

Encore Connex

Turn your meetings into productive online huddle spaces with reliable video conferencing.

Video conferencing is the technology that allows you to hold online meetings with several participants who are located in different places while seeing and talking to them in real-time. It is different from simple video calling, which is normally one-to-one video communication. It can also be used for remote presenters at events to present to the audience from another location.

Online Event Registration

A smart, flexible and powerful event registration system

Managing attendee registration doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming task when you have the right system and people behind you. Cvent’s Registration solution is designed with simplicity in mind, yet developed with the sophistication to support even the largest and most complex events. 

The best part is the software integrates perfectly with Encore’s Chime Live platform and Cvent’s Attendee Hub, providing you with a convenient, complete production solution with a single provider. 

Attendee Hub Event Platform

A guided self-service Event Platform for those wanting a simple DIY event microsite with added engagement features.

Attendee Hub provides event planners with a simple to use, yet professional platform that creates immersive, interactive virtual and hybrid events. It’s a guided self-service solution that allows planners to tailor the appearance, use it for event marketing and promotion, personalise the content and make it interactive and importantly, provide you with accurate data to demonstrate your return on investment.

Coupled with Encore’s award-winning production services for virtual and hybrid events, Attendee Hub is the platform that delivers it all.

Chime Live Event Platform

An award-winning event platform that lets you deliver an engaging and interactive virtual experience.

Chime Live is the closest thing to a live event. When you need to combine high-quality video streaming with interactive attendee capabilities you need Chime Live.

Chime Live can help overcome the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together for your event. At home, at work or at the venue, Chime Live connects everyone via live stream, enabling you to carry on with keynote presentations, topic streams and breakouts as planned. The multi-feature web-based platform includes everything from live and recorded video, agenda, speaker bios, sponsor recognition, networking and chat between attendees, audience polling, live Q & A and so much more. Deliver a virtual or hybrid event that’s engaging, transformative and insightful whilst supported by Encore’s team of digital experts.


Managed webinar platform for events

Upgraded professional webinar platform that’s easy to use with added capabilities.

Deliver a polished, high-definition webinar at the push of a button. Our new Managed Webinar solution let’s you present to any number of attendees with more features and capabilities to enhance the experience. Webinars are best used to broadcast your event to a large audience with two-way communication capabilities. Aside from the obvious benefit of overcoming time and distance factors, professional webinars provide many benefits such as selling sponsorship opportunities, integration with engagement solutions like Event Poll and fully hosted environments for the best branded experience online. 

Our team of experts will walk you through the setup and management of your Webinar or Webcast. When you partner with Encore for your virtual or hybrid event, you can enjoy full production support while you present to ensure that your Webinar is a success.


Sophisticated webcasting platform offering a large range of features and capabilities for a customised branded experience.

Take your event online with our most sophisticated Webcasting solution so your event can be everywhere at once. Webcasting lets you deliver your live or pre-recorded message on a highly customisable and powerful platform to stream live or on-demand to an unlimited audience. This means your virtual event will look as unique as your brand. When you use our webcasting services you unlock access to a complete virtual environment for your event with custom branding, registration, password protection and a waiting lobby. Encore’s expert technical team will provide dedicated support and guidance including a virtual produced and stage management to ensure a seamless and polished delivery.


Finding the right virtual solution for your event is now a simple decision

We’ve simplified the decision making process for you based on two important factors – What size of audience are you wanting to reach? How much functionality and customisation will you require? Each virtual solution is available in a range of packages designed with budget, size and functionality in mind. No matter which solution you choose, Encore provides dedicated technical and production support.

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