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At Encore Event Technologies, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our business operations. We recognise that our operations can significantly impact the environment, including energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water consumption, and waste generation.

An environmental strategy is under way at our Global Headquarters and Encore Asia Pacific has made significant contributions towards it’s formulation and direction in key areas such as goal setting, timelines and accountabilities.

Over the years, our organisation has informally engaged in several sustainability practices, including the collection of emissions data, measurement of electricity consumption, and monitoring of waste and recycling efforts. While these initiatives have reflected our genuine dedication to reducing our environmental footprint, we recognize the need to formalise our commitment to sustainability
through a comprehensive sustainability policy.

Encore is taking the necessary steps to develop and implement a formal sustainability policy that aligns with our core values and objectives. This policy will serve as a roadmap, outlining our sustainability goals, initiatives, and performance metrics. We are committed to ensure that this policy not only reflects our commitment but also sets measurable targets and standards to track our progress toward a more sustainable future.

Encore's environmental statement is based on the following principles

Compliance with Relevant Environmental Rules: We comply with relevant laws, and where practicable, we endeavour to exceed mandatory compliance thresholds.

Pollution Prevention: Throughout our activities, we will consistently look for ways to reduce waste generation and pollution.

Resource Conservation: We will conserve natural resources by minimising the use of energy, water, and other resources wherever possible.

Sustainable Practices: We will promote sustainable practices and encourage our clients to adopt similar principles in their events.

Education and Training: We will provide education and training to our employees on environmental issues and our relevant policies, and practices..

Continuous Improvement: We’ll continuously work to improve while monitoring and reviewing our environmental performance on a regular basis.

Raising the bar in sustainable practice…

At Encore, we take ownership of our responsibility to the planet. By adhering to the principles outlined above and working collaboratively with our partners, staff, and suppliers, we’re committed to achieving our sustainability goals and protecting the planet for future generations.

Global Accreditation

We’re the proud holders of a bronze rating from EcoVadis (across the Encore Group world-wide) based on their in-depth analysis of our green credentials and efforts, scoring well above the industry average. We also follow all laws and regulations, and industry body recommendations.

Use the greenest tools for the job

Our purchasing policies for new equipment ensure we are looking for the most environmentally friendly option.

E.g.We now use Laser source projectors, which eliminate the need for multiple lamp changes for the life of the projector, not only reducing hazardous waste but increasing the usable life of the asset

Review, Review, Review

Whether it’s our regular asset and AV inventories or our short fleet contracts that allow us to upgrade to more efficient models sooner, we are constantly looking into how we can do more.

Environmental and social risk

Encore Australia and New Zealand was recently awarded a Bronze Rating by EcoVadis in 2023 for its Sustainability Practices in promoting and
addressing such important areas as diversity, equity and inclusion, protection of labour, human rights and the environment, ethics and sustainable procurement, EcoVadis evaluates the sustainability strategies of 75,000 companies from 160 countries. Encore scored well above the industry average for the event industry and many other industries in all the above areas in Australia. In addition to this, Encore are currently investigating to join Sitewise and PREQUAL exclusive to New Zealand market.

Developing EcoMinds

Sustainability Training: Encore’s proprietary training platform Encore University will ensure your in-house team are trained in and understand how to execute sustainability objectives that represent industry best practice for their specific role(s)..

Adopting a Green Lifestyle: The natural environment is important and the decisions we make at work and at home are having a huge impact on it. This course discusses how to reduce our environmental impact by adopting a green lifestyle. We explore current environmental issues, how lifestyle choices have changed the environment, and the actions that will help reduce this impact.

Measuring Our Footprint: We track our internal footprint, including energy consumption, fuel usage, flights, and waste, to monitor our progress and identify areas for improvement.

‘Encore is taking the necessary steps to develop and implement
a formal sustainability policy that aligns with our
core values and objectives.’

Developing EcoPractices

Encore has a dedicated team responsible for monitoring and measuring data across various areas, including corporate travel, logistics, energy consumption, greenhouse gases, and waste streams. We adhere to Australian and New Zealand standards to measure and reduce our environmental impact, implementing strategies to manage our environmental footprint effectively.

Our Sustainability Achievements

In 2023, we achieved significant milestones in environmental conservation, cost savings through increased efficiency, and sustainability governance. These achievements include diverting 14 tons of general waste from landfill, recycling 6 tons of card/paper, and purchasing reusable items to reduce waste. Additionally, we've implemented energy-efficient measures such as LED fixtures installation and transitioning to renewable energy plans. We've also made strides in sustainability governance, including the development of an ESG dashboard and updating supplier contracts to promote sustainability practices.

At Encore, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's a commitment we uphold in everything we do. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.


  • 14t of general waste diverted from landfill
  • 6t of card/paper recycled
  • 421kg E waste recycled
  • Purchased reusable items e.g. tealights
  • Member of the Battery Stewardship Program for recycling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Installation of LED fixtures in warehouse and office spaces
  • Moved head office/warehouse onto renewable energy plans

Cost savings through increased efficiency

  • Moved IT infrastructure from data centre
    to cloud based
  • Replacing combustion engine fleet with
    Electric or Hybrid technology
  • Development of National Repair Centre
  • Promoted the use of mobile equipment over fixed installation


  • SG Supplier Questionnaire
  • Development ESG dashboard
  • Supplier diversity policy
  • Updated Supplier Contracts

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