Audience Engagement Technologies

Encore understands the importance technology plays in enhancing the event experience, particularly when it comes to audience engagement and social media integration.

To maximise engagement, Encore offers a range of event engagement technologies to cater to your event needs.

Below is an overview of our engagement solutions:


Event Apps

We offer our clients a free event app when you use our event services. Cumulus gives you and your attendees the convenience of easy access to all event information from their mobile phone.

Designed with the busy event planner in mind, Cumulus allows you to quickly upload and communicate everything from agendas and downloads, to sponsorship information and much more.

All content is uploaded and managed by the event planner, allowing greater control over what documents are accessible with the added convenience of uploading and updating when you need to.

Live audience polling​

Find out what your audience is really thinking with Event Poll. This engagement technology enables you to ask questions and receive responses during the live event. With a multitude of question formats and styles, Event Poll is a great alternative to:

  • Question & Answer sessions
  • Ideation
  • Voting
  • Quizzes / Trivia Surveys
  • Discussion Sessions
  • And more!

It’s easy to use, fun and highly effective and all your attendees need is a phone to participate.


Social media integration​

Encore’s comprehensive social media platform, Event Feed, is perfect for corporate and gala events and helps event planners maximise the benefits of social media engagement. Event Feed allows you to capture your audience’s social media posts and display them on event screen for all to see. Guests are able to capture and share their favourite event moments, keynote insights or award presentations via their social channels, these are posted on the screen at the event as well as shared with a world-wide audience via your dedicated hashtag.

Please note, not all social media platforms are available in all countries in Asia, so Event Feed may not function at full capability in some regions.

Finding the right virtual solution for your event is now a simple decision

We’ve simplified the decision making process for you based on two important factors – What size of audience are you wanting to reach? How much functionality and customisation will you require? Each virtual solution is available in a range of packages designed with budget, size and functionality in mind. No matter which solution you choose, Encore provides dedicated technical and production support.

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