Hybrid Event Handbook

Expert guide for Event Planners

Hybrid events are the new normal. They safeguard event planners from unexpected, last-minute changes as well as connect distant audiences and speakers.

With a hybrid event you can enjoy the engagement of an in-person event with the limitless reach of virtual. If you are ready to start planning a hybrid event, this is the perfect guide to launch your planning journey with our expert guidance.

What you can expect to learn from our Hybrid Event Handbook :

  • A framework to help you plan any type of hybrid event
  • The 6 key drivers for a successful hybrid event – for both planners and attendees
  • How to tie it all together with different examples of event types
Download our guide to hybrid event success today and deliver better hybrid events in 2021.

Proof the expert guide works

Encore applied the hybrid event framework when planning and producing these successful hybrid events.


Going hybrid meant AHICE experienced their largest event ever with 700 virtual and live attendees participating each day from around the world. The hybrid format enabled presenters and attendees around the world to experience a professional, engaging experience both in-person at Hyatt Regency Sydney and online. Encore’s innovative live streaming platform with interactive features enabled them to do just that.​

CEDA Economic Forum

Going hybrid helped CEDA (WA) increase their conference attendance by a staggering 182% and was such a success it’ll be part of their event calendar moving forward. Learn how you can replicate this success by partnering with Encore – where award-winning live production meets cutting-edge virtual technology.

Defence + Industry Conference

Going hybrid allowed Australia’s Department of Defence’s D + I Conference to engage 1000 attendees nationwide whilst the speakers presented live in the room together with full production support and virtual stage management by Encore. The professional studio set up broadcasted the event using Encore’s interactive live streaming platform creating the closes thing to a traditional in-person event.

The event was a success on all aspects. I would never have thought that, with so much technology involved, the whole hybrid experience would be trouble free and so fluid.

Learn the 6 Key Drivers for an Effective Hybrid Event

Encore has refined what makes an effective hybrid event into 6 key drivers to consider when planning and designing your own. Our Hybrid Event Handbook provides detail on how to leverage these drivers with examples applied to different types of events. It’s the kind of insight you only gain from experience delivering hundreds of hybrid events and we’re sharing it with you to give yours the best start possible.


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Are you ready to deliver more effective, more engaging hybrid events in 2021?

Hybrid events allow planners and participants to reach more people. Having the ability to engage more businesses, thought leaders, and decision-makers has long-term benefits and immediate short-term benefits as well. In this guide, we’ve developed a framework to help you unlock and leverage those benefits!

Hybrid events have also increased in popularity simply because participants expect a certain amount of flexibility to attend a meeting in-person or have the option to attend the event virtually.

Set yourself up for success by downloading our Hybrid Event Handbook today!