by Justin Stewart, Managing Director, Encore, China

How to add that something special to your next event.

People often ask me: what makes a great event?

Is it the topic, the speaker, or could it be the stage setting that can really make an event shine? So far in 2018, we have seen some really fantastic examples of event design and uses of event technology, from projection mapping to elaborate stage sets and clever use of lighting. Event planning has become equally focused on how well you can put on a show in order to really exceed your guests expectations.

Encore is constantly striving to make events not only fresh and exciting, all the while keeping the brief and budgets in mind. Our team are always looking for new products and technology and recently turned their focus to discover what clients want from their event styling. They found there was high demand for a versatile product which has the ability to transform any space, suit any theme and most appealing of all that can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of some of the advanced technologies used for big budget clients.

Listening closely to our client’s needs, we developed a new product range of laser cut Scenic Panels which would add a touch of finesse and style to any event. The demand for a versatile product was delivered by the almost infinite number of ways and formations the panels can be used.

Scenic Panels as Room Divider

Scenic Panels provide the perfect room divider and can help you go from conference to gala dinner.

Available in 2D and 3D the intricate laser cut panels in a range of on-trend designs, are a flexible, affordable way to add a special touch to your event. Combine with up-lighting, washes and colourful displays to bring movement and ‘wow’ factor to any venue.

Scenic Panels can be used to replace traditional draping in decorating venue walls

Want to hide that stage fascia, wall, or add an elegant textual feature? These specialised panels are the perfect solution. Want to create a memorable entrance feature, networking area, or distinct focal point for your event? They can do that.

Scenic Panels used to create a simple yet elegant stage backdrop for an intimate VIP event

Need an architectural element for theatrical lighting to impress and delight your audience? Scenic panels are perfect. You can event create dramatic ceiling sculptures which when lit create a truly dramatic look.

Scenic Panels can even be rigged to the roof to create spectacular ceiling installations.

Scenic panels are now available.

Love to find out more about how Scenic Panels could be used for your event? Contact your local office to find out more about Scenic Panels today.

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