Your Roadmap for Delivering A Successful Virtual Event Seamlessly

What used to be an add-on to traditional in-person events, virtual events are fast becoming an essential element to every business event. A virtual event is any organised meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location. These events can range from small meeting to a large-scale conference with thousands of attendees. There … Read More

How to make your event more sustainable

How to make your event more sustainable

As event planners, we have an opportunity to show others the way to lessening the impact on our valuable resources by adopting sustainable practices into our events. This is not a passing trend, but rather a mindful practice at the heart of any business strategy and future goal planning. “Between air travel, energy use, and ... Read More

10 Tips to Present Professionally From Home

10 Tips to Present Professionally From Home

Working from home is becoming the new normality for a lot of the world’s workforce as we adapt to new ways of doing business. This means being part of virtual events as well as giving presentations virtually is becoming an every day occurrence. Find ways to stay connected and inspire productive meetings has never been ... Read More

10 Sponsorship Ideas to Drive Revenue For Virtual and Hybrid Events

10 Sponsorship Ideas to Drive Revenue For Virtual and Hybrid Events

10 tactics you can do now to make money from your online events. With event planners pivoting to virtual or hybrid events we’re seeing more opportunities to provide new and rich experiences for attendees. As your audience potential grows exponentially now that time and distance are redundant, your event with its millions of eyeballs can become ... Read More


Latest styling product for corporate event planners: scenic panels

by Justin Stewart, Managing Director, Encore, China How to add that something special to your next event. People often ask me: what makes a great event? Is it the topic, the speaker, or could it be the stage setting that can really make an event shine? So far in 2018, we have seen some really ... Read More

3 principles for designing a conference presentation to engage today's audience

Getting people to attend your conference is one, if not the biggest, challenge event planners face. It’s the whole reason you’re organising the event and attendance numbers are one of the biggest factors determining its success. Once you have them there, the real challenge facing planners is keeping audiences engaged. At most conferences, seminars and ... Read More


Keep your attendees interested by avoiding these 6 staging mistakes

There are 5 fundamentals of staging a successful event. Audio, Lighting, Vision, Staging, and Content. With all eyes on the stage, it’s one of the most important elements you need to get right because unlike AV, you can’t just ‘tweak’ it on the day. The stage is a major element when planning successful corporate events. ... Read More


Etg staging connections announces rebrand to encore event technologies

Encore Event Technologies, a leading provider of in-house event technology and production services, announced that it is expanding its global presence with the rebranding of ETG Staging Connections to the Encore Event Technologies brand. ETG Staging Connections is China’s leading provider of in-house event technology and staging services. Adding the company to the Encore umbrella creates a ... Read More