With varying levels of COVID restrictions across the world impacting events, Harvey Law Group turned to Encore for a global solution for their annual company business update. A hybrid event format was the logical choice with some members and speakers able to attend in-person whilst others can attend virtually. The option of adding the virtual component of the event safeguarded it against any unexpected changes.

Encore was awarded the event after a successful demonstration of their new range of virtual and hybrid solutions. Encore’s in-house team at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong were briefed to lead the event, coordinating with the other venues’ in-house AV teams.

The meeting was originally planned to host employees at venues across 14 countries with the central event at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. With only a week to go, the Bangkok satellite event had to pivot completely online due lockdown measures.

In the end, two small groups attended in-person at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Park Hyatt Ho Chi Minh City with the remaining team members attending virtually via Encore Connect – Encore’s video conferencing solution using Zoom. All camera and audio feeds were fed to Encore’s team at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong who were responsible for recording, editing and stage managing the live stream so speakers were moved into breakout rooms for their presentation to avoid distraction.

It was the first time Harvey law Group enlisted the services of a professional event technology and production company, and it seems it won’t be their last.

The event was a success on all aspects and never I would have thought that, with so much technology involved, the whole experience would be trouble free and so fluid.

Of course, the usual Grand Hyatt’ standards were respected venue and F&B wise which raised our expectation on the AV experience and, well, said expectations were brilliantly met.

Mr Jean-Francois Harvey, Global Manager Partner

The event went uninterrupted and Encore’s attention to detail made the experience better than anticipated. While in-person events are always preferred, this was a great alternative.

Kayla Yip, Global Project Manager for Harvey Law Group

Partner with the Virtual and Hybrid Event Experts

Encore have extensive experience delivering virtual and hybrid events throughout Asia. With a large range of event platforms, streaming and virtual studio options, they are the preferred choice to deliver virtual and hybrid events. 

What used to be an add-on to traditional in-person events, virtual events are fast becoming an essential element to every business event. A virtual event is any organised meet-up that takes place online rather than in a physical location. These events can range from small meeting to a large-scale conference with thousands of attendees. There can be a plethora of ways to take your event online, even only if partially which we call Hybrid events, and there can be a number challenges to overcome. As experts in delivering virtual events, our team have developed this overview of tips, tricks and technologies for delivering your online event successfully.


As with any event, your plan is vital for success. Start by asking yourself some key questions:

  • Will the event be live, on-demand, or both?
  • Will access be gated or free?
  • When is the best time for the event?
  • Will I require event registration?
  • How will you promote the event and when will you start?
  • Do you require attendee engagement, two-way communication or polling?
  • Where will the event be filmed?
  • Will there be remote presenters? Are they local? What time zone are they in?
  • Do you plan to work with a sponsor or other partner?
  • Do you want people still have access to a recording of the event once it’s over?
  • What analytics and data do you want to track?

These are only a handful of questions to help you refine your virtual event requirements. Our teams will work through a series of questions with you to help determine the best solution for your virtual event requirements.


Picking the right date and time for your event is important, particularly if you’re hosting it live. Before sending out your invitations make sure the date doesn’t clash with public holidays, if attendees are likely to be international find a time that will enable them to log on that’s not in the middle of the night or on a weekend. For global events where it’s not possible to find a time to suit everyone, make sure the content is available on-demand after the event for those who couldn’t make it. Many virtual and hybrid solutions from basic video conferencing to webinars and professional webcasts have recording capabilities. Remember, if you’re hosting a smaller virtual event or one where attendees may participate in the discussion it is best practice to notify everyone that you’re recording the session. If you want more tips on hosting a virtual event read our article Top 10 Tips For Effective Video Conferencing.


If you want your event to be perceived as professional, it needs to look professional and provide a good user experience. This includes everything from the registration page, payment page (and process), content pages, presenter bio pages and graphics. Most streaming platforms offer customisation and branding such as logos and brand colours as well as sponsorship exposure opportunities. Encore offers a range of professional virtual and hybrid event solutions to give your audience a branded experience online. 


Obviously you need to let people know the event is happening, but the way you promote it is key to getting people to register or purchase tickets. Why should they attend? Who’s speaking? What will they learn? Make sure the benefits and ROI are clear during your promotions.

Share the event details by email, advertisements and social media. Choose your media carefully to make sure you reach your intended audience. Carefully plan a timetable for your communications and ramp it up as you near the event date, most registrations and sales happen closer to the deadline.

If you’re working with an event partner or sponsor, ask them to promote the event too and ask presenters to promote the event via their channels. The more noise you make collectively, the more people you’ll reach.

Word of mouth provides a great opportunity to grow your audience. Offer last year’s attendees a promotional offer if they bring a colleague. Other promotional offers include early-bird rates and special prices for group bookings.


As your audience potential grows exponentially now that time and distance are redundant, your event with its millions of eyeballs can become a very attractive sponsorship opportunity to the right brand. Sponsorship can be an efficient revenue stream to further increase the ROI of your event.

Sponsorship has other benefits too, such as building positive associations with companies that share your values or purely providing your audience with the entertainment factor as sponsors get creative with their valuable placements. We all watch the Superbowl for the ads right?

A key benefit to online sponsorship over traditional sponsorship like physical banners and event announcements is the opportunity to demonstrate the benefit to your sponsor via digital data reporting. Other sponsorship deals also allow you to share the customer data with them such as registration details for their own marketing purposes. From branded elements on the event’s website to in-stream callouts and segments and digital swag bags, we’ve shared 10 virtual event sponsorship tactics to help drive revenue.


There’s nothing worse than after all your hard work viewers can’t get access, see a buffering window, glitchy audio, sites crash or registrations max out.

Choose a reputable event technology company with lots of experience delivering the kind of event you need. Make sure they’re there in the lead up to the event and on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly and any technical difficulties resolved quickly.

Adequate internet bandwidth is important for your remote presenters, in your studio and for attendees. There may be nothing you can do if online attendee’s internet is poor, but if they have paid to attend a live event and can’t it’s good to have a record as backup which they can watch when they have better internet access.

If possible, run a rehearsal. Make sure switching between presenters, slides videos etc. is seamless. Encore’s range of virtual solutions provides virtual stage management to ensure each speaker’s presentation is optimised and helps direct the overall flow of the virtual event.


Activities that allow your attendees to get involved are powerful. They increase learning, recall of your content and increase attention and are likely to keep them coming back if the experience was positive. There are many ways you can achieve this.

Q&As are a great way to involve your viewers and they have the added benefit f enabling your to cover content that attendees really want to know about.

Live polling is another great way to get attendees engaged and also be part of the event, they can vote and even post questions, plus the results of polls and surveys can be shown live on screen to generate further discussion. Our Chime Live streaming app is feature-rich and designed to keep engagement levels during a virtual or hybrid event.


Measuring your event serves a number of benefits. You can demonstrate return on investment to stakeholders and sponsors to show how many viewers attended, how many more viewers attended on last year, how long they watched for, which sessions they watch, how much exposure they got, etc. It’s obviously great for sponsors to show exposure to their brand, clicks to their site and so on.

There are so many valuable insights available from online event data, including number of people opening and clicking on your email, how many people who went to the site for more info actually registered, how users came to your site – email versus social media, partner promotions etc..


You won’t know what your online audiences experience was of your event unless you ask! A post-event survey I a great way to get feedback on your event, find out if they had technical issues on the day or during registration. You can use longer comments as promotional tools for next year’s event as testimonials on your website and communications.

You can increase the number of replies by offering a prize this might be an industry book through to a more premium gift such as a night in a five star hotel.

The responses from your survey are another great way to demonstrate return on investment to your stakeholders with data such as 95% of responders said they were delighted with the event, would recommend the event to a colleague, would attend next year.


There are many different pathways to a successful online event and they all start with taking that first step. Across Asia, Encore has helped hundreds of brands deliver successful virtual and hybrid events, as well as helping brands pivot virtually. We’ve developed a broad range of virtual event solutions to cater to varying event requirements from video conferencing for remote boardroom meetings, to interactive webinars, online content repository for large multi-day tradeshows as well as ‘all the bells and whistles’ webcast. Most importantly, when you partner with Encore you can enjoy the peace of mind your event is in expert hands who’ll provide planning guidance, show day production and virtual stage management to ensure everything runs seamlessly. Successful events all start with a conversation so let’s have one today – get in touch by sending an online enquiry

As event planners, we have an opportunity to show others the way to lessening the impact on our valuable resources by adopting sustainable practices into our events.

This is not a passing trend, but rather a mindful practice at the heart of any business strategy and future goal planning.

“Between air travel, energy use, and excess food (not to mention booth installations, printouts, and giveaways), the average 1000-person event reputedly produces 530 metric tons of CO2e emissions.” Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog

Thankfully, sustainability is achievable and may be easier than you think.


To make constructive changes, event planners need to gauge their current practices.

Why? Knowing the impact events may be having on the environment points to specific areas for improvement. This is not a lesson in showing the negatives of your past events, but instead it’s something far more positive.

Being aware of your current impact gives you an idea of what to measure and helps focus your energy onto specific areas to change or improve. The end result is being able to see clearly how your practices contribute to improved sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.


Overhauling your current practices can feel daunting at the start. But when you break it down and start reviewing your production process from step 1 you’ll be sure to find some points for improvement. 

  • Replace physical meetings with virtual

The beginning of any event plan has many contact points. The first phase impact can be reduced by cancelling meet & greet travel plans and replace with video conferencing. The good news here is you’ve also just saved on travel and accommodation costs as well as improving our event’s footprint.

  • Reduce paper and printouts

It’s an obvious one, but going paperless can be the easiest way to start minimising waste. Use an event app, build an event website, or stick to emailing. Encore offers a free event app called Cumulus which gives you and your attendees the convenience of easy access to all event information at any time, everywhere you go so reducing paper waste is easy. Use this free event app specifically built to ensure delegates have easy access to all event info and live updates before, during and after the event, without the need for excess paper use.
When all else fails, stick to email.

  • Consider your Venue Selections and Transportation options

Hosting your event at a venue with accommodation facilities immediately cuts the need for transportation. Your guests will appreciate not having to think about cab-charges and Uber rides to get to their hotel safely. This is a great opportunity to really consider your venue options. Easily walkable venues, and those close to public transport assist significantly. Where combining the event venue and accommodation are not possible, offering shuttles are a great alternative. One vehicle transporting many attendees reduces the impact of several vehicles in the traffic at once.

In addition, clearly conveyed information about public transport sent out to registered attendees will be greatly appreciated. Also, when scheduling your event, take into account peak travel times to avoid the traffic. Faster travel means less impact and happier commuters.

  • Audit Your Power Consumption

Does your AV and event technology provider actively take steps to reduce their energy use? Overuse of power and underutilising of more eco-friendly options is one area constantly under the microscope. Where possible use renewable energy sources and switch all lighting to LED and lower power efficiency systems where possible.

Your AV technology provider should be willing to rationalise inventory to minimise redundancy and over-engineered AV solutions. Have the conversation with them to see how you can both achieve a reduced footprint for your event, there’s often cost savings involved to.

  • Consider sustainable food practices

Catering companies using eco-friendly utensils is a simple way to make an immediate change. Ditch plastic for biodegradable or reusable cups. You can take this mindset further by choosing a catering company that are committed to using sustainable fish, organically grown fruit and vegetables, and locally sourced hormone-free meat.
Another tip with catering is to not over-cater the event. The guest list should be quite specific in terms of numbers, and dietary requirements, so you can cater for your guests’ needs. If you find yourself with an abundance of leftover food, consider the many companies that accept donations in the area.

  • Waste Disposal Facilities

Have you confirmed your venue has the facilities, and the mindset to recycle waste?

Everyone should be well aware of the need to re-use and recycle in order to reduce landfill and the overall impact on our environment.

Ensuring there are adequate recycling bins and general waste bins around the venue will safeguard against any issues with imposed clean-up fees or removal costs.

  • Go Digital

Use online registration platforms to be more sustainable. Not only is it cost-effective, but will save time registering on the day.

Send e-mail notifications and create e-tickets to be scanned from their smartphones to eliminate the need for endless paper printouts.

Use digital signage at your event, rather than one-off pull-up banners. Build a website or an event app. This goes a long way to reducing the need for excessive amounts of printed badges, programmes, posters and brochures.


Now that you’re aware of sustainable improvements your event can make, it’s the time to put these good intentions into actions. 

  • Create a List

Put the ideas in order, beginning with those things where you can have an immediate impact, through to those which will require more thought, planning, and discussion with others. For you, maybe using less paper, and having more Skype meetings is completely do-able in the beginning. For every point you’ve made, add the goals.

  • Be Realistic

This is not something that can happen overnight, so don’t have the expectation that you can save the world in a week. Plans that are rushed or ill-considered will be doomed to fail, or worse, not even see the light of day.

  • Review and Monitor

Over time, add and remove where necessary to make each goal stronger. Long term, consistent and thoughtful objectives are the way to go.


Check out these three events Event Brite shared that have put their suitability goals into action.


A little known fact is that these Games were the first to secure the ISO 20121 sustainability standard. This measure of sustainability is voluntary and is a promise to all those watching that this event leaves behind a path of positive footprint reduction. All the venues where the competition was held were completely car-free. In addition, the organisers used a local company to provide efficient and clean energy. They also ensured the headquarters for the Games were on an energy supply recognized as a Green Tariff.


Major League Baseball requires its members to be a member of the Green Sports Alliance. Providing sustainability guidelines, the Alliance ensures the following happens:

  • Teams collect recyclable items throughout each game.
  • Solar panels are installed at events where possible. The aim is to have each game powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.
  • Traditional ‘Red Carpet’ events are now referred to a ‘Green Carpet’ by the use of eco-friendly materials for the carpet.
  • Any food prepared at events that remains untouched is donated to their preferred charity for those in need of a meal.


England’s four-day carnival-like Shambala Festival has taken steps to ensure much of its single-use plastics are eliminated entirely.

  • Individual water bottles are encouraged for refilling onsite to reduce bottled water housed in plastic.
  • For those who forget, the sale of stainless steel bottles adds to driving the point home on the reduction of harmful and wasteful synthetic materials.


To have an environmental conscience is commendable. Putting these goals into action wherever possible during your event sets you apart. This is not just about you as an event planner feeling better about your impact, but an ongoing commitment your company and its guests will bear witness to. In a world full of rhetoric and promises, actions speak louder than words. 

Let’s begin your action points today. Our experience can show you the way to more sustainable event planning.

10 tactics you can do now to make money from your online events. With event planners pivoting to virtual or hybrid events we’re seeing more opportunities to provide new and rich experiences for attendees. As your audience potential grows exponentially now that time and distance are redundant, your event with its millions of eyeballs can become a very attractive sponsorship opportunity to the right brand. Sponsorship can be an efficient revenue stream to further increase the ROI of your event.

Sponsorship has other benefits too, such as building positive associations with companies that share your values or purely providing your audience with the entertainment factor as sponsors get creative with their valuable placements. 

Being able to provide sponsors with actual data to demonstrate their return on investment is a key benefit to online sponsorship over traditional sponsorship like physical banners and event announcements. Other sponsorship deals also allow you to share the customer data with them such as registration details for their own marketing purposes. Simply put – the ROI for digital sponsorship is easy to track and can provide more lucrative opportunities over traditional sponsorship.

What can you offer a sponsor? 

Start with looking at your assets to see what spaces can be utilised. Remember your audience experience is the most important factor so only if the sponsor fit is natural, don’t try to cram in sponsor placements as it’ll only detract from their effect and make the online experience way too salesy if not spammy. A tiered approach can help here with the most expensive sponsorship options getting the most real estate and then so on, but remember to limit the number to only a handful at most. The number will depend on your event – the audience size, type, and duration.

Here’s 10 ideas for driving sponsorship of your virtual or hybrid events so you can increase ROI, drive engagement, relationship building, positioning and positive outcomes.

1. Branding on presentation slides or the ‘skin’ of your live stream


Another option for sponsor branding is to include the company’s logo as part of the border of your event website’s ‘skin’ – also known as the template. An example would be to include their logo or message in the header or footer of the live stream website skin such as “This presentation is in partnership with Company X”.

2. Sponsored Media Walls as Virtual Background


With all eyes on your video, the background behind your presenters is a simple and subtle yet highly effective way to integrate sponsorship. Think of it like a virtual media wall and you can give your sponsors the option to design the background based on their message such as a repetitive watermarked logo or something entirely different. If you have multiple speakers you could even offer different speaker backgrounds to different sponsors based on their content. Again you could provide the sponsor with the number of viewers, impressions, time engaged and more as data to measure ROI. 

3. Banner ads on your online event site or event app

If you’re streaming your event or offering on-demand banner ads provide a great opportunity to drive revenue. It’s a great way to offer branding opportunities for sponsors as well as associate your online event with industry associations or businesses associated with the event content. You can provide your sponsor with helpful ROI metrics like number of impressions, time spent on page, unique visitors, click-throughs, audience demographics and more. Your presenters may also like to utilise this option to promote their business. Other options include offering sponsorship opportunities to suppliers in exchange for a discount on their services.

There may be multiple opportunities for banner ad placements on your event site such as your registration page. This is great real estate as every attendee needs to go to this page. Plus, depending on your sponsorship deal you can negotiate to share the details of your registrants with the sponsor. Remember here you’ll need to clearly state in your Terms and Conditions how you’ll be using their data to ensure you’re abiding by privacy laws. The last thing you want to do is risk a negative experience with your audience for the sake of a sponsor.

Event apps are now common place at events, and they can also be a great tool to engage remote attendees. Apps are convenient solutions for providing instant access to information about events, sessions, presenters etc., plus sponsorship opportunities such as banner ads, pop-ups, sponsored messages or logos on different screens.

There may be multiple opportunities for sponsorship and advertising on your event app. Speak to your event app provider to explore what sponsorship options you have.

4. Sponsored video ads

In addition to banner ads, event organisers can offer sponsors the opportunity to show videos. If relevant, you can show these in between presentations, before a breakout session or before a session starts like a YouTube Pre Roll. Again, the ROI can all be demonstrated via analytics. Videos can be embedded in your event website, on an event app or even within your event comms such as at the bottom of an eDM.

5. Sponsor call outs or segments in your stream

‘This event is proudly brought to you by….’.

It’s one of the most obvious sponsor placements and if included at the beginning of the event video, you can guarantee as least 90% of attendees will hear it based on average video viewership data. You could couple the announcement with a logo that appears on screen and a script provided by the sponsor, similar to a radio read.

If your sponsors wanted to get more creative you could let them sponsor the networking element, ice breaker or break out session. For example, Lipton Ice Tea could sponsor the initial ice breaker intro where you get attendees or speakers to introduce themselves and answer some fun questions to warm up the crowd. You could get Wriggly gum to sponsor yoga break session – after you’ve had attendees watching a 2 hour session, they’re sure to get restless and start to wriggle.

There’s so many possibilities on fun ways to naturally integrate a sponsor and make it enjoyable for your attendees too.

6. Branded sponsor polls

Similar to the creative sponsor integrations, you can offer branded sponsor polls throughout your online event. One of Encore’s most popular digital tools is Event Poll – a live audience polling platform that lets you ask questions and your attendees respond in real-time using their mobile phone or computer. With over 10 question formats you can use it to stimulate discussion, vote, ideation, survey, trivia, Q&A and feedback. Whether you integrate the sponsor into the question, into the question template design or host a sponsored poll the options are endless. For example, a sponsor could host an online trivia with a prize as a nice breakout session. You could offer a branded skin for your event’s Q & A segment so when attendees submit their question, it gets displayed on screen on the sponsored Q & A.

7. Sponsorship in Email Placements

If you are sending email invitations, event updates or other communications, you can offer sponsors the opportunity to include their logo or banner creative in the footer of the email. This would also link through to their site or a campaign page. You can provide them with data such as recipient numbers, open rate, click rate and more. Being digital you also have the option to offer sponsors the ability to test their creative or messaging by sending to a small segment f the database with the winning creative (base on clicks) sent to the wider audience. It is more legwork for the event organiser but depending on the sponsor’s spend it could be a nice value add and incentive to help improve their ROI.

8. Promotion via event social media

In the lead up to the event, you can offer the opportunity to promote sponsors via your social channels. Be sure that the posts are relevant to your audience, for example:

We’re proud to partner with Company X as part of our event. During our presentations you’ll hear from their CEO on [insert subject]. Then include a link to their site.

As with social media you can give them the opportunity to post a video, a link to their site or campaign or static images. Be sure to ask sponsors to include posts on the event on their socials too to spread the word.

9. Keynote presentations

Sponsorship of your keynote presentations is a great opportunity as all attendees will be focused on this session. For example ‘This presentation is brought to you by Company X’.

10. Offer sponsored Virtual Event Bags

Not only is this sustainable, a virtual swag bag is also a great way to surprise and delight attendees whilst giving sponsors great exposure. You can give your sponsors the opportunity to curate what goes into attendees’ swag bags, be it coupons or vouchers, a free trial for a software, or an online course. The bag would then be shared directly with your attendees for them to access via email, social media, or the event app, either before, during, or following the event.

A virtual swag bag also provides reporting data such as how many people accessed it and how they interacted with the items in the bag, which you can share with sponsors and use to help inform what materials attendees found most valuable.


Digital sponsorships are nothing new, they’re just usually implemented in conjunction with other, physical branding opportunities such as brochures or giveaways. When planning a fully virtual event, you can focus solely on the digital part and capitalize on the real estate you do have available.

Sponsors can also be offered access to your attendees contact details. Permission is of course vital, so you need to enable attendees to opt in to receive communications from the sponsor.

Another option is to offer a number of tickets to your event to sponsors for colleagues to attend.

Consider every touch point of the online event you’re producing – there will be multiple ways you can add sponsorship opportunities. Anything that your attendees are looking at or interacting with is an opportunity to incorporate sponsor.


Encore has helped hundreds of clients pivot and turn their onsite event into successful online experiences. Whether you’re organising a company announcement, an ongoing training series, a mutli-day association conference or an interactive webinar, you can count on Encore’s in-house team of digital experts to provide you with the right technology to get online. Explore our range of virtual event solutions today.

by Justin Stewart, Managing Director, Encore, China

How to add that something special to your next event.

People often ask me: what makes a great event?

Is it the topic, the speaker, or could it be the stage setting that can really make an event shine? So far in 2018, we have seen some really fantastic examples of event design and uses of event technology, from projection mapping to elaborate stage sets and clever use of lighting. Event planning has become equally focused on how well you can put on a show in order to really exceed your guests expectations.

Encore is constantly striving to make events not only fresh and exciting, all the while keeping the brief and budgets in mind. Our team are always looking for new products and technology and recently turned their focus to discover what clients want from their event styling. They found there was high demand for a versatile product which has the ability to transform any space, suit any theme and most appealing of all that can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of some of the advanced technologies used for big budget clients.

Listening closely to our client’s needs, we developed a new product range of laser cut Scenic Panels which would add a touch of finesse and style to any event. The demand for a versatile product was delivered by the almost infinite number of ways and formations the panels can be used.

Scenic Panels as Room Divider

Scenic Panels provide the perfect room divider and can help you go from conference to gala dinner.

Available in 2D and 3D the intricate laser cut panels in a range of on-trend designs, are a flexible, affordable way to add a special touch to your event. Combine with up-lighting, washes and colourful displays to bring movement and ‘wow’ factor to any venue.

Scenic Panels can be used to replace traditional draping in decorating venue walls

Want to hide that stage fascia, wall, or add an elegant textual feature? These specialised panels are the perfect solution. Want to create a memorable entrance feature, networking area, or distinct focal point for your event? They can do that.

Scenic Panels used to create a simple yet elegant stage backdrop for an intimate VIP event

Need an architectural element for theatrical lighting to impress and delight your audience? Scenic panels are perfect. You can event create dramatic ceiling sculptures which when lit create a truly dramatic look.

Scenic Panels can even be rigged to the roof to create spectacular ceiling installations.

Scenic panels are now available.

Love to find out more about how Scenic Panels could be used for your event? Contact your local office to find out more about Scenic Panels today.

Simply send us an enquiry or give us a call the office closet to you.

Everyone in events is familiar with large-scale projection mapping; on buildings, on stage, and at activations. But there’s almost limitless potential to tell your story on a much more personal scale. Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate human social rituals, and projection mapping onto the dinner table is emerging as a fantastic way to communicate, delight, and impress your audience.

At Encore Event Technologies, we’ve been teaming up our amazing digital artists with our high-definition projectors and tech crew to create breathtaking, wildly shareable content that transforms any event into a sensory experience.

Projection Mapping for Personalisation

Our team in Australia partnered with Dom Pérignon Champagne to tell the story of their history. We used their company branding to deliver a beautiful and highly creative table projection mapping experiencefor 100 VIPs at the Ivy hotel in Sydney Australia. The dining table became a canvas for telling the Dom Pérignon brand story with customised animated projection. Personalised name cards in the shape of the Dom Pérignon logo were projected onto place settings, followed by custom graphics perfectly aligned with crockery, cutlery, and glassware. Each course had its own projected content, complementing the menu and highlighting the decadence of Dom Pérignon Champagne brand. Projection mapping was a visually striking way to intertwine personalised touches with the brand’s rich history for an intimate dining experience!

Projection Mapping for Branding

At the National Convention Centre Canberra Australia, we used the colours and images associated with the annual Enlighten Festival of outdoor art, illumination, and culture to personalise a lunch for 40 special guests, selling Canberra as a destination for world-class business events. Local food and wine were complemented by animations, with each dinner plate individually lit for impact. Guests’ names were projected onto their seats, offering a unique personal touch and making networking easy. The autumnal colours of Canberra and signature looks of client InterContinental Hotels Group were all incorporated to the projection mapped content to take event branding to the next level.

Projection Mapping for Story Telling

To help global hotel giant The Accor Group tell their story, we staged a one-off special event at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns in Australia, for 10 influential clients. We partnered with Belgian creative geniuses Skull Mapping to license their viral internet sensation ‘Le Petit Chef’, and built a reef theme in a function room using lighting and set elements, highlighting the natural beauty of the region. Guests were then utterly stunned when their ‘tablecloth’ turned into one of Le Petit Chef’s animated adventures. The VIPs were so impressed, they asked to see the animation a further four times!

Table projection is still such a fresh technique that most guests (and event producers!) are still to experience it live. It’s an utterly entrancing spectacle that has everyone whipping out their devices and saturating social media with images and video. It has an amazing power to communicate your brand, personalise an event to a micro level, and tell any story; the creators of Le Petit Chef are even using it for two-hour dinner shows that trace the culinary discoveries of Marco Polo!

Speak to the experts for projection mapping at your next event

For maximum impact, content creators, event planners, and the tech team have to work very closely – table projections have tolerances in the millimetres, and the biggest implementations have pixel counts in the millions! Encore Event Technologies have learnt through practical experience how to make large scale table projection mapping work, and would love to partner with more event planners to create unforgettable experiences. If you are interested in using Table Projection Mapping in your next corporate event, get in touch with the experts today by sending an online enquiry.

Getting people to attend your conference is one, if not the biggest, challenge event planners face. It’s the whole reason you’re organising the event and attendance numbers are one of the biggest factors determining its success. Once you have them there, the real challenge facing planners is keeping audiences engaged.

At most conferences, seminars and exhibitions, attendees go from session to session listening to speakers and hopefully participating in discussions. Standing out and being memorable is the key to success in these content heavy events. So how do you make your presentation the one they can’t stop talking about? Whether it’s intriguing your audience to continue the conversation or inspiring questions, think about the desired results and design slides to achieve that.

What’s the easiest way to awesome? Elevate the creative quality of your presentation and reach your audience more effectively by incorporating these three principals for great presentation design.



Thanks to innovations in audio visual solutions and event technologies this can be an exciting and virtually limitless operation. However, the grander the idea, the more costly it is to execute. That’s why when it comes to organising a conference getting the speakers right and their presentations should be high priority and the rest can be bonuses to really amp up the experience.

Encore Event Technologies have helped countless conference planners deliver high impact experiences just using a creative presentation displayed on an engaging stage set with ambient lighting and AV for theatrics. Speak to us today to start formulating ideas about how you can make your next presentation the one everyone talks about!

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There are 5 fundamentals of staging a successful event. Audio, Lighting, Vision, Staging, and Content. With all eyes on the stage, it’s one of the most important elements you need to get right because unlike AV, you can’t just ‘tweak’ it on the day. The stage is a major element when planning successful corporate events. Everyone will eventually look towards the stage, and your intent is to keep the audience focused on the message you’re delivering. While an involved audience is the goal, we know there are various factors that can make the audience lose interest – causing you to lose out on money, prospective customers, and possible partnerships.

Here are 6 staging mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your audience

POOR SOUND QUALITY. The level of sound coming from the stage speaks volumes about your brand. We know that echoing sounds and volume should be expertly controlled with professional audio connections at frequencies that are pleasing to the ear without being too high or low in pitch.If the sound isn’t clear or makes the audience uncomfortable, you’re likely to lose attendees and your presenters. If the presenters can’t be heard, your attendees will lose interest which in turn, makes the presenters feel uncomfortable. All you’re left with is everyone in the room having a bad experience. When considering your stage design, work with a professional AV company to determine where the speakers and fold backs need to be so both presenters and audiences can hear with crystal clear clarity.Music can deeply influence the audience just as much as an expert speaker. Emotions, motor functioning and creativity are boosted by music, and we’ve witnessed its power at all types of events. Not only do people relate music to personal experiences, music ignites the entire human brain. interested and attentive.

BAD LIGHTING DESIGN. A well-lit stage enhances the atmosphere and mood of the room. Therefore, stage lighting should really wow your audience with dynamic style. With flat or malfunctioning lighting, attendees will be far less interested in looking at the stage. Too much white lighting can also drain the appearance of your presenters and wash out the on-screen projection content making the vision hard to see.Professional lighting always comes with flexibility. The light can fit your theme and power audience engagement by drawing focus to your presentation. Depending on the electric system at the event space, lights can be powered at various settings to create a unique environment and add texture to the room to intrigue the audience.

LACK OF CREATIVE BRANDING TECHNIQUES. If your brand isn’t presented tastefully, potential buyers will quickly consider it overkill and lose interest in your services. In fact, 52% of customers report feeling overwhelmed by companies that don’t communicate the presence of their brand effectively.We view corporate events as a creative opportunity to consistently display your brand’s logo and visual message. More than half of B2B marketers acknowledge that branding is a must for company growth. On average, a 23% increase in revenue has been credited to consistent branding.Your logo can be incorporated into the stage design and transformed into an interactive experience. Serve up your logo as part of the beverages and refreshments offered to guests, or display it as a piece of 3D art that emotionally connects with viewers.

DISREGARDING THE LINE OF SIGHT. Audiences need to see and hear for a favourable event experience. Presentations, speakers, and visual branding has to be visible to everyone. Otherwise, the crowd will quickly lose interest and find better things to do – such as playing on their mobile phones or distracting the nearest person with small talk.Considering the seating arrangement and size of the event, the stage should be raised for better viewing. Opinions will always vary on the proper height of the stage. Some may say 12 inches, others might recommend 24.Every event is special in its own way. It’s best to use a professional audio visual team that will work closely with your venue and company while considering all necessary elements for the proper stage height. Better still, partnering with an AV company that’s already in-house at your venue means they’ll have a better understanding of the rooms layout and how to maximise the stage design for audience viewing.

USE A BLAND STAGE BACKDROP. The backdrop attracts more attention than many people realise. Today, stage backdrops aren’t just coloured accessories for the stage. They can be textured walls in stunning 2D and 3D designs that enhance your theme or branding, or even internally lit backdrops that display print-quality images or branding. With modern technology, backdrops can now be turned into media pieces that move on the wall.If audiences look away, this moving media will lead their eyes back to the presentation. When executed properly, media walls add to the effectiveness of the message being delivered, and the visuals will help the crowd retain the information presented.

CHOOSE A POOR SEATING LAYOUT. Whether you are setting up a business presentation, training classroom, hosting a full scale gala dinner or product launch, the arrangement of the seating can make all the difference. You have invited your audience to communicate a message, so it’s important that your audience is seated in the best way to achieve the maximum impact for your message!Guests want to feel involved in professional discussions and enjoy sharing their knowledge and common interests. Using the right seating style creates a deeper connection between the speakers and audience members. It also encourages any moving participants and standing listeners to walk behind seated guests.

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Keeping your audience engaged requires thought, planning, and creativity. We can work with your team to create a stage designed to hold interest and generate excitement. At Encore Event Technologies, we use our experience to transform your corporate events into interactive and memorable experiences for attendees that live long after the event concludes.

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Encore Event Technologies, a leading provider of in-house event technology and production services, announced that it is expanding its global presence with the rebranding of ETG Staging Connections to the Encore Event Technologies brand.

ETG Staging Connections is China’s leading provider of in-house event technology and staging services. Adding the company to the Encore umbrella creates a global audio visual (AV) and event services company, that not only provides broader staging and event production service offerings with improved business performance for customers, but also bolsters the brand’s competitive advantage in servicing premium hotels worldwide.

Both Encore and ETG Staging Connections are part of Freeman, the world’s largest brand experience company.

Commenting on the rebrand, Ken Sanders, President of Freeman Audio Visual, believes the adoption of the Encore brand is a positive reflection of the current landscape and will be the driving force to future success.

“The adoption of the Encore brand in China will provide our venue partners and clients with a single global resource that represents our unwavering commitment to elevate their brand experience in unique, creative and innovative ways. Our strengthened global offering provides clients with a blend of the best of what our two companies have to offer — unmatched customer service, high quality technology solutions, a customer-first approach, industry and technical expertise, and the best talent. These are these driving principles that will position Encore to be the leading voice in the industry.”

Encore has already grown significantly through the Asia Pacific region with in-house AV services in Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. This rebrand continues the company’s evolution; the strength of the Encore name is reflective of the company’s global footprint, investment and vision. This new chapter of the business will enhance the services and technology available to current clients, and appeal to a whole new market in Australia and across the globe.

Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director for Staging Connections shared,

“As we expand throughout the Asia Pacific region, we will continue to offer our network of partners and clients unmatched expertise, quality services and global resources. A single brand reflects the mutual values for both businesses and will enable us to truly function as the most valued partner with access to one of the largest AV and event production networks within the industry.”

In November 2016, the creative and event agency arm of ETG Staging Connections was also rebranded to align with the brand experience agency model under Freeman – known as FreemanXP.